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Gaining Through Death

Last week, here in Canada, there was a death that moved many right across the country… It was movement of the people’s hearts and minds in response to the loss of a man who believed in unity and fairness above all else.
Jack Layton was a father, a… Continue reading


What do you believe in?
What do your beliefs do for you?
Does it feel like your beliefs help you? If you changed some of your beliefs, would it change your life?
It is so comforting to have something to believe in. It is so rewarding to believe that we… Continue reading

Why Get Angry, Turn to Harmony

What polar bears and mammoths share with us…
We all have the tendency to express anger about certain things. Some things just push our ‘buttons’, making us want to react with angry words or outbursts of loud and aggressive behaviour. This anger … Continue reading

Can Death Be a Transition as Magnificent as Birth?

Becoming Familiar with the Transition of Dying…
I was asked recently by a friend to start writing about being a ’midwife’ for the life transition of death. That almost sounds impossible to imagine… ”The life transition of death.” How is… Continue reading

Let This Day Shape you

Let this day shape you, and bring forth cooperation with whatever is required to make things flow…

I was ‘thinking’ about what I needed to ‘do’ today…
I was ‘thinking’ about how it ‘should’ go…
I was ‘thinking’ about how to m… Continue reading

What is Healing?

What does healing mean to you?
We all want to feel whole. We desire a sense of completeness. This is a sensation of being all right within our bodies, our minds and our lives.
There are relationships and events that seem to reflect a lack of resonance,… Continue reading

Asking Why, Looking for Answers

There is something in each of us that makes us ask “why?”
We ask “why am I here?”
We ask “what do I need to do about my life? My relationship? My career?”
We ask “what should I do next?”
We are often quite unsettled or unhappy with … Continue reading

Intuition, My Inner Tutor

As I prepare to discuss the topic of “Intuition, the Inner Tutor” at the virtual conference , so many little ideas and possibilities slip through to my consciousness through the language of my own intuition. It renews, bringing front and center, my own… Continue reading