January Newsletter

Greetings to you in this year of 2011.

This month I would like to look at Effervescence as Enhancement to Daily Living.

So many things ebb and flow as the days roll on, one into the next…

We witness many things, and involve ourselves in events that please us, and in events that are not particularly comfortable. In every one of the options that we sense and see, there seem to be elements that enhance our lives. And elements that detract from our well being.

What are the elements of the signals that you embrace that make the signals  enticing, or make you want to choose to act on them?

Is there something about the things that you choose in your life that inspires you? Is something which inspires you always enhancing to the flow of your life?

Is your Effervescence brining you inspiration and enhancing your life?

Let’s discover how our Effervescence can bestow on us the signals which direct us into an enhancement of our daily living.

Here’s to the adventure!

With Love,

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Bubbling Thoughts

As I look through the lens of my camera it is a reminder that my daily experience of the world can be enhanced. The thoughts I have, the words I speak, and the actions I take can move me forward, or hold me back. It is the perfect day to practice being more awake and aware.”

Courtney Milne, Photographer as Mystic

Drinking Effervescence

Recently, during a moment of open contemplation, an interesting idea bubbled up…

I was permeated with the idea that we tend to save what we think of as being bubbly, or effervescent specialty drinks only for special occasions.

It made me laugh to think that we tend only to celebrate transitions and milestones such as the New Year, weddings and graduations with bubbly beverages. We tend not to use Effervescent drinks in our daily living.

We choose the excitement of tingly effervescence, as a sensation in our mouths, for ‘special’ occasions, for times and events that are, or that we want to be memorable.

We look to create memories with positive associations to the bubbly we imbibe.

This opened for me a clear view to how we may be viewing our own ‘specialness’, our own Effervescence.

If our own Effervescence is the direct expression of who we are, then it must be that it also helps us to express this truth for our own enjoyment of living, and our own truth of being. I wondered if we might be saving this Effervescence for special occasions. I wondered if we might be holding onto it, and keeping it closely guarded, only letting it out on those occasions that will provide us with a positive memory.

Holding onto, and holding back our Effervescence, means that we are denying fun, happiness and joy the freedom that they could have for us. We are also withholding other spontaneous moments of Effervescence from our moments of life, believing that unless it is a special moment, we are not aloud to feel free.

We are not allowed to feel bubbly.

How many vintages of your Effervescent nectar do you have put aside for special occasions?

Could you pull the bottles of your Effervescence out of the cupboard more regularly?

How would it feel to be tickled by the bubbles of your own Effervescence?
Who would you like to share it with?

What does your truth taste like? Are you saving it for something?  Are you saving it for a special occasion?

You have a truth within you…you have so many things to share…is it you, or are there patterns of behaviour and memories that keep the cupboard to your Effervescence locked up?

Consider your favorite vintage of Effervescence, and see if you feel that it could come out more regularly to be experienced by you, and shared with others.

Feel free to experiment….With Love and Blessings,

Breathing Exercise:

Inhaling Clarity, an Effervescent Delight

I have been noticing how controlling we may be in expressing and sharing the best parts of ourselves. That we may be saving our Effervescence for special occasions, or for the times in which we feel safe to express this truth.

Please join with me now as through the breath, we look into how we ‘manage’ our Effervescence, our very freedom of truth, tenaciously guarding when we will allow it’s expression…..

Listen Here…

Ask Anatara

Questions we can all learn from

Is there something that you would like to know about Effervescent living?

Would you like to share your experiences with                                                                          Effervescence or your search for it?

Raving Review:

Anatara  is a true angel and blessing to our planet, especially during these challenging times.  Her effervescent love bubbles through you like a sparkling organic cider!  Her energy cannot help but clear so much old negative patterning from our physical and ethereal bodies.  Susie has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life and left me feeling like a breath of fresh forest air!  Her guidance is a true gift during these tumultuous times!

Allen M. Schoen, DVM,

Holistic Veterinarian, Author, Speaker, Professor,   “Kindred Spirits, How the Remarkable Bond between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live”.

www.drschoen.com and soon to be…..www.kindredspiritsproject.com








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