March 2011 Newsletter


“Anatara, who are you and what do you do?”

There are many things which ‘matter’ to me …

Having a peaceful heart while the world and activity whirl around me,

Having a way to observe and accept my own feelings in response to my family, my friends and other earthly events, and most importantly, having a connection to the spacious and expansive awareness, which holds all life.

Through this awareness, it is often obvious that what we think is important may not be, and that there is freedom in not taking ourselves so seriously. I do not wish to imply that what we hold as important is invalid, simply that there is a way to include a lightness in our ‘worries’, so that they do not hold us back or destroy us.
In my counselling practice, this is exactly what I promote for others.

My counselling practice is like a search and rescue mission to uncover your essence.  It is about finding your playful nature, which may be masked by;

* Imposed and hidden agendas about who you think that you are

* Agreements that you have made with yourself and with others about how you should behave

* What you think you should be doing.

There is a sense of unrestricted PLAY hiding inside of you, this is your Effervescence. An undeniable truth of who you are and how you want your life to unfold.

Are there rewards for you in discovering your essence?

You will be able to

* Discover what you are here to do

* Flow through everything that comes at you

* Understand what you can and cannot control

* Find peace in relationships

* Find peace in making decisions

* Find your truest form of expression

If you are curious about how together, we can research your essence, please call me for a free introductory session. You don’t need to hide or ignore your truth. My sessions are offered by phone.

I look forward to the next step.

Creating Effervescent Space for Daily Living:

As you look around the space, which supports your daily living, what do you see? Do you see the familiar? What does the furniture look like? Are there pictures on the walls, which remind you of places, feelings, or people that you love and appreciate? Are you comfortable in your surroundings? Do you feel at ‘home’ here?
Is this space inviting to you and your fluctuating moods?

Does this home space reflect comfort and peace to you? Can you truly relax here?

Most importantly, does this space welcome you? Do you feel that you are invited to be at ease while here? Can you easily Effervesce and be your truth here?

Or, do you feel slightly uncomfortable? Are you uneasy, irritated, or bothered by this space in which you spend much of your time?

Without imposing any judgment about whether you feel ‘at home’ or not in your home, look at the elements that form the network of things that surround you. As you brought these things home, why did you choose them? What did they say to you, why did you want them to be with you?

Observe what makes you feel happy, observe what feels neutral, be aware of anything that irritates or makes you want to turn away. Do certain pieces open you to a sense that you are in the ‘right’ place?

Take a good look at what surrounds you.

Do you feel good, alive, in synch with your truest nature in the presence of these things? Can you feel your truest nature bubbling up and flowing through you?

Does your space allow you to Effervesce?
Is there anything that you would like to add or eliminate?

Simply take stock of your surroundings….and then decide if your bubbliness, your truth, is held in check, or invited to come forward by the elements of your home space.

Have fun with this idea. It doesn’t have to be done all at once.

Play with yourself, and with the things around you. Sometimes just moving one thing from place to place can dramatically change the dynamic, opening you to the flow of your very essence.

With Blessings and Love, Anatara

Bubbling Thought:

“As I look through the lens of my camera it is a reminder that my daily experience of the world can be enhanced. The thoughts I have, the words I speak, and the actions I take can move me forward, or hold me back. It is the perfect day to practice being more awake and aware.”

Courtney Milne, Photographer as Mystic


Anatara recommends:

We all need space, peaceable space, in which to live, learn, communicate, love and grow. This is as true for adults as it is for children…. Sandy’s insight is profound. See how it feels to you.



Sandy Bothmer, Creating the Peaceable Classroom
“Sandy offers concrete ideas for creating a peaceful learning environment. What a gift it would be for a child to live and to be taught within an environment of such peaceful attention. What a gift for the world as well—creating space one child at a time” — Stephanie Rutt, Director of the Tree of Life Yoga Studio, School for Yoga and Sacred Living and the Gifts of Grace Foundation

Raving Review:

Anatara’s accepting, warm and wise path to inner work eases me through my mental gridlock.  With her, the simple tool of breath has become a way that I can unravel to a place where “everything is here as it is”.  Her inside-out approach quiets the chatter of reasons and creates space for the body to speak.

Johanna Stiver

Breathing Exercise:

Discovering Effervescent Space

Does it feel as if your immediate space is accepting of you? Do you accept with comfort and ease your usual environment?

Are you comfortable and peaceful enough to Effervesce you truest nature here?

Does it feel like anything is stopping you?

Let’s work through the breath, observing how we really feel about what surrounds us…..

Listen here…..


Ask Anatara : Questions we can all learn from.

Is there something that you would like to know about Effervescent living?

Would you like to share your experiences with  Effervescence or your search for it?
QUESTION: Why do you emphasize the breath and breathing as a practice to know our Effervescence?

We use the breath to remind us that there is a peaceful space available from which we can easily hear the voice of intuition, the voice of truth, which is expressed through our effervescent nature. If you study yoga, you are taught that the way in which you breathe determines the way in which you live your life. The air around us is literally filled with the energy of existence and creation, prana, which is life giving, life favouring, life restoring. As we breathe this air in and out, we tap into the collective creation of all of existence!


Through the breath, we can have an immediate experience of being at peace with, and at one with the moment. Our Effervescence is not usually held back when the breath is easily flowing.



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