What About the Economy? The Angels Share…

There have been a few things coming through about the state of the economy here, in Canada, in the U.S., and around the world. I will summarize what the Angels have been saying about it. Dearest Ones, We have been expecting a change in perspective for the world economy for quite a long time. There have been many signals, for a long time, that the substance of the form of the world’s financial econonomy was, and would have to change. The reason for this is quite simple. World finances have not mirrored the needs of the earth, or the needs of the general populace. In order for humanity to find it’s way to flow toward enlightened and loving consciousness, all of the systems which support our human way of life must also mirror the truth of oneness. Financial systems have been one sided and illegitimate for this cause for centuries. As the population has increased,the demands on this false system of worth and value has increased. The increase in need and desire has caused a short circuit or a meltdown in the systems. The circuitry simply can not sustain the energy flowing through it any longer. So what appears to be a financial debacle, is really a necessary and welcome adjustment, which is actually going to bring the whole world to a place of appreciation and understanding of the things that really matter to all of us. Rich and poor. We understand the fear and anger being experienced by many of you right now. We understand that you feel you are losing (or have lost) what you have been working on and believing in for most of your lifetimes. This is true if you have been in the belief that one’s monetary value is the most important thing. What we offer to you is this perspective…we all need to learn how to care for each other, how to love ourselves and how to assign value based on being in the heart, and loving each other, based on what we offer to each other as people, not for what we have or own. This may not offer you much comfort immediately, but if you take the time to breathe,to tune into your deepest essences, you will find that you don’t need the imaginary and illusive monetary funds that you have depended on. If we can manage our minds and our thoughts through theses times of flux and fear, we will all emerge with a renewed sense of integrity and caring for the whole world. Think upon these suggestions. Reclaim your own focus and trust that you are all here on this earth to survive, and to be contented. There is really not much else that we need. Remember also that without this particular adjustment in the world economy, everything would crash around us in an even more horrifying way. Help each other, stick together. Do not panic, there is no need for fear. Anatara and the Angels.

The Angels Speak

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