Anatara’s Clients Speak Out…

“Anatara is the healer’s healer. Anatara has the unique gift to zero in on the heart of any issue and offer insight, clarification and direction which is both profound and empowering. Her unconditionally loving, respectful, intuitive presence as well as her natural, direct connection to spirit guarantee a joyful, supportive, productive session every time. Anatara always leaves me clearer, more optimistic and more trusting of myself to maintain my own connection to spirit.

One of my absolute favorite treats to myself over the last ten years has been to get an angel listening with Anatara, as I believe she is the best kept secret in this field.” ~ Dawn Young, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

“Experiencing an Angel Listening is like having a message from the inside. It is like an infusion of vitamins. It feels soft and spacious and restores a sense of peace. A sense of home. Anantara is exceptionally present. She is gentle and listens intently. She is wise and very helpful. I am blessed to be supported by this wonderful woman. My children have made many shifts since beginning sessions with her. They used to fight so much that I couldn’t leave them alone. Now they are hanging out together from time to time and are laughing together.The fighting is minimal. I am now comfortable leave them alone together. All of us have made shifts to living more presently, reducing fear and living together more harmoniously. I am more tolerant and patient when chaos does break out. My ability to stay present minimizes the upset in the family and make me a more available parent. In short the effects of the sessions are so life altering and gentle that I would mortgage my house to continue this program if I had to.” ~ Colette Ryder Kincardine, Ontario

“I have been working with Anatara for the past 5 years. She is truly a master of living the truest essence of the wisdom that flows through her. Her wise counsel and intuitive breathwork and holographic work have changed my life. I highly recommend this masterful being and wise counsellor.” ~ Colette Ryder, Ontario

“Anatara’s accepting, warm and wise path to inner work eases me through my mental gridlock. With her, the simple tool of breath has become a way that I can unravel to a place where “everything is here as it is”. Her inside-out approach quiets the chatter of reasons and creates space for the body to speak.” ~ Johanna Stiver

“Anatara is a true angel and blessing to our planet, especially during these challenging times. Her effervescent love bubbles through you like a sparkling organic cider! Her energy cannot help but clear so much old negative patterning from our physical and ethereal bodies. Anatara has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life and left me feeling like a breath of fresh forest air! Her guidance is a true gift during these tumultuous times!” ~ Allen M. Schoen, DVM,
Holistic Veterinarian, Author, Speaker, Professor, “Kindred Spirits, How the Remarkable Bond between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live”.

“I immediately began to cry when I started to read what you had written. I take this as a sign that my soul – my inner self – knows these words to be true. I will take your advice and work on staying out of my own way…to let things be. I will make a conscious effort to do that. (I usually am my own worst enemy). Thank you so much for the beautiful and insightful reading.” ~ Jessica Chastain


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