Personal Sessions ~ Intuitive Exploration

We all look for guidance in our daily living. We want answers, solutions and clues about what direction we can go in. We may have numerous ‘problems’ that we want to solve and that we feel require understanding.

There are so many kinds of guidance to look for, and so many options from which to choose.

We often start by wondering whether to ask someone else for input. As we look for guidance, we find numerous guides to give us answers. As you are here, there is a question developing within you. This question is opening to something that we can share.

As your guide, I will flow with every individual to uncover the Guidance available to you, and bring forth answers which have been hidden and invisible.

Being a Guide
I like to use the word Guidance to describe the experience of being present for the wealth of information that is available to us from the unseen realms, which surround and permeate us. As your guide, I will hear the messages waiting to come through for you, and then interpret them so that you can evaluate their truth.

Your discovery begins with one of these sessions…
I offer a selection of Guidance and session options. You may choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

             Opening With the Angelic Connection

                                          An Angel Listening

We all have a connection to the Angelic realm. This relationship is always active, whether or not we can perceive it. This relationship exists in order for us, as human individuals, to have a direct and open line to the Love and awareness that the Angels embody. Click here for more information

                                         Intuitive Evaluation

As an Intuitive, I experience the world as a never ceasing river of information.
There is always a channel within us that is connected to a vaster consciousness, that is connected to the ‘master plan’ for us as individuals, and for all of earth kind. This side of ‘us’ is driven by our intuition. Intuition being the primary channel for the unseen truths that exist in all elements of our lives. Read More …

                                     Life Awareness Counseling

A life of ease can be accomplished through having a clear awareness of how we let things affect us. There are so many things in a day, which attract our attention and seem to demand a response from us. Read More….

       Learning from the Dolphins ….The Dolphins Speak to You 


Sharing time and space with the Dolphins has offered me a complete experience of life lived through Oneness. They offer many levels of guidance for us to use, to enhance our lives. In what areas of your life could you use some Dolphin wisdom and support?


Learn what they have to say for you….


You may choose one of the following methods for receiving your session.

Telephone and Skype Sessions
This is a one hour session shared on the telephone. When we meet in this way, you will be in the familiar comfort of your own home or office. The energetic connection is easy, open, unforced, and direct. You will be able to ask your questions and participate actively in the discussion. You will feel connected to the guidance, to yourself, and to the solution as it is revealed.

Written Sessions
You will receive a written account of all that I discover while tuning into your questions and your essence. Much can be discovered through the invisible channels that emanate from all of us. There will be a familiarity to the detail revealed.

Energetic Sessions
An energetic session is a combination of all the methods I use to be aware of who you are and what you need to feel whole and resolved within your life. This is based on a foundation of Therapeutic Touch energy evaluation. It will soothe and balance you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Whatever it is that makes you feel unsettled and uneasy will be eased, balanced and harmonized.


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