Tele-Seminar Series

Opening to Everything

Starts September 4, 2014

Kiala and Anatara, co-facilitators of the tele-seminar classes to start on September, 2014.

Three-part Series

Part 1 – How to feel “safe” with everything
Part 2 – Giving your body back it’s power
Part 3 – Flourishing through “playtime” (sustaining the new you)

The entire program consists of 18 live classes and recordings, each class running 2 hours. Live Q&A and coaching will also be available during each class, facilitated by Kiala and Anatara.

About Anatara – Tele-Seminar Co-facilitator

Anatara, Master IntuitiveAnatara has been offering intuitive readings, “Angel Listenings” and intuitive spiritual counsel for over 25 years to clients throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. Aware of angelic beings communicating with her since her childhood years in Boston, Anatara sought to develop her keen spiritual and energetic sensitivities in a variety of ways. She began by studying psychology and medical anthropology at university. She then expanded her training in several ways, becoming a Yoga Instructor, a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and a Caregiver and Spiritual Guide for the Dying. Her inquisitive nature and deeply heightened awareness of the invisible forces around her, gave her the words and techniques to guide others in their own self discovery. She has been leading groups in the discovery of the wonder of Intuition for decades.

About Kiala – Tele-Seminar Co-facilitator

Kiala Collette Ryder“Born in Dalhousie, New Brunwick Canada, I am a world traveller, fast track transformation guide and author. After graduating from the University of New Brunswick in 1987, I relocated to Toronto, Ontario. I spent two years there before moving to Kincardine, Ontario, were I was was married and had two beautiful children.  For the following 22 years,  through the blessings of my family and community , I began a slow process of self discovery.” Click here to learn more about her.

The Courses

PART 1 – September 4 – October 9, 2014
How to feel “safe ” with everything

  • Class 1 - Introduction to Quantum (What is quantum energy)
  • Class 2 - Bridging Quanum with our humanity (How is quantum energy relevant to us. How do we use it in everyday life)
  • Class 3 - Opening our ability to perceive (Identifying when we are in Quantum)
  • Class 4 - Trusting Quantum (We start to beleive in Quantum through direct experince)
  • Class 5 - How to feel safe in your body (Entraining to the Quantum Field)
  • Class 6 - Quantum leap with the dolphins (The reveal. How are you now?)

Part 1 – $150

PART 2 -November 13 – December 18, 2014
Giving your body back it’s power

  • Class 1 – Listening to your body as a divine instrument(Finding out what your body wants)
  • Class 2 – The body in not a storage unit (Letting go and allowing flow)
  • Class 3 – The human pendalum (Tools for communicating with your body)
  • Class 4 – Allergy Elimination (Moving the energy that is creating a reaction)
  • Class 5 – Moving in (When you release what you no longer need, who you are now moves in)
  • Class 6 – Even more (Opening to everything that has ever wanted to be gven to you)

Part 2 – $150

PART 3 – January 8 – February 12, 2015
Flourishing through playtime

  • Class 1 – Creating a relationship with play (What is play? What is your current relationship with play? What are the benefits of play?)
  • Class 2 – It is safe to play (Play is a natural expression of safety and freedom)
  • Class 3 – The spontaneity of play (There are no prerequisites to play. Just show up)
  • Class 4 – Catalizing Freedom (Act before you think)
  • Class 5 – Deepening into the heart of play (From unknown to completely natural)

Part 3 – $150

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