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Three Part  Teleclass Series
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Part 1 – How to feel “safe” with everything
Part 2 -Letting your ‘body” inform you
Part 3 – Flourishing through “playtime”  (sustaining the new you)
The relief of never feeling panic, anxious, nervous or depressed will create permanent life changing shifts.

Dolphin Presentation on Salt Spring Island   

Learn to Be In This Life as the Dolphins and Whales ,     Insight from the water…

On April 29th,  spend the evening starting to unfold the gift of your consciousness through meeting and exploring the Love and Brilliance of the Dolphins and Whales …

Listen and open as Susie Anatara shares her experiences of swimming with wild cetaceans in Hawaii’s rich, tropical waters … you will feel them around you in the video footage of Susie and friends.

We will be sharing a film on the magic of swimming in the ocean with Humpback Whales guided by Joan Ocean.

They are deeply intelligent, curious and gracious beings, you will see how opening your mind to them, reveals understanding of yourself, and the world around you.

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Hawaiian Island Dolphin Tour

November 9th – 16th , 2012

Become a Playful Swimming Dolphin

BIg Island , Hawaii

with Colette and Anatara

What does it feel like to be a swimming dolphin? Join us on this Big Island Dolphin Tour,as you come to be guided to and through the lustrous and deeply rich waters of Hawaii. Dive into the blessings and wonder of the life of the dolphins as you share adventure, experience and Love with the wild swimming dolphin pods resident in these rich and supportive waters. Click HERE for more Information

Anatara and Colette Talk about their experiences with the Swimming Dolphin

Dolphins and Evolution Through Intuition

 September 10 – 27,  2012,  A 6 Part Yoga Hub Workshop Teleclass Series, Dolphins and Intuition

Contact me for more info. 

Take the next Step Most Likely to Expand Your Awareness of Who You Really Are:

Understand how the Dolphins help us explore our Evolution through Intuition.  You can learn how to:

Activate the dolphin within you
Activate your multi-sensory abilities
Come to clarity about your life’s purpose


Intuition, the Inner Tutor

To me, our intuition is our inner tutor, the direct voice that flows infinitely to our conscious beings from all other realms. This is a very vital and important gift. It will allow us to step away from our personal platforms and to hear with clarity from a perspective that is bigger than our own.
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Effervescence for Daily Living

When I experience what I would describe as my own effervescent nature, there is an indescribable and tangible bliss that bubbles up and through my center. This effervescence literally bubbles out around me influencing my thoughts, my actions and interactions, and my work.
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