Effervescence for Daily Living

60-Minute Workshop

At last year’s Virtual World Yoga Conference, I spoke about Intuition as our Inner tutor, and I am now describing the sensation of Intuitive perception as an Effervescence.

When I experience what I would describe as my own effervescent nature, there is an indescribable and tangible bliss that bubbles up and through my center. This effervescence literally bubbles out around me influencing my thoughts, my actions and interactions, and my work.

Do you ever feel alive and in harmony with the life in and around yourself so that you sense your own effervescence?

I am continually looking for ways to describe the sensation of truth and intuition coming forward, and rising up through me, or expanding out through me, in a continuous loop between that which looks like a me (Anatara) and the universe which holds levels of expanded consciousness which forever surround me.

The sensation of this connection, the continual flow of energy between me and everything around me, feels like a bubbling…

This is ‘my’ effervescence, this describes truth for my being. One may not feel bubbly as I do, but most of us have a sense of when things are moving and working perfectly and harmoniously for us. In these moments we are integrating the truth of our nature with our surroundings. There is freedom in being aligned with the truth of our beings, which is expressed through what I call effervescence.

Our freedom is in how we allow ourselves to effervesce.

Let’s play and interact together in this discovery…Let’s move in safety toward a deeper understanding of what we are here to express through our own versions of Effervescence.”

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