Welcome and Blessings…

With an open heart and joyful exuberance I welcome you here…

I welcome you to explore, to play and to share your discoveries as you get to know me and, most importantly, come to know your ‘self’.

There is always a channel within us that is connected to our own unique ‘master plan’ and to all of earth kind… As humans we have our physical bodies, and our emotional and mental experiences and beliefs. As an equal part, we have our spiritual natures.

There is a part of ‘us’ that can know about and hear everything that is invisible. It can sense the unspoken and communicate with those realms that are intangible through usual channels.

By joining with me in cooperation and discovery with all of these elements,
you will discover this internal intuitive guidancePeace is available to all of us!

Take a deep breath, choose a page of this site, and step into the opening… I am delighted to be sharing the discovery with you.

With Love for the journey,


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The Dolphins and Whales Share with Us : Learn to be in this Life as the Dolphins and WhalesInsight from the Water

On April 29th,  spend the evening starting to unfold the gift of your consciousness through meeting and exploring the Love and Brilliance of the Dolphins and Whales …

Listen and open as Susie Anatara shares her experiences of swimming with wild cetaceans in Hawaii’s rich, tropical waters … you will feel them around you in the video footage of Susie and friends.

We will be sharing a film on the magic of swimming in the ocean with Humpback Whales guided by Joan Ocean.

They are deeply intelligent, curious and gracious beings, you will see how opening your mind to them, reveals understanding of yourself, and the world around you.

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Have you considered Why you are here? Listen to the following words …..



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