Desert, Dolphins and Down Under Blog #1

with Colette and Anatara

 Traveling Light

Hello everyone…

We are now out and about in the world. Together, observing and participating in what comes our way. As we visit friends, family and sacred places we will share the laughter and the depth in what we find.

From our hearts to yours, here is our first blog. More coming soon from Sedona.

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Desert, Dolphins and Down Under Blog #2

The Vortexes of Sedona

Aloha from Sedona,

Basking in the delicious tropical moisture of Hawaii, we are also deeply enjoying the depth of the energies and exuberant fun of Sedona, still resonating in our cells!  The integration between desert and ocean expands daily …We hope you enjoy the images here … stay tuned for the Grand Canyon and More!

From our hearts to yours, here is our second blog!

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Fresh Water Mermaids

Mer-Folk In the Great Lakes
I am going to take a leap into a realm that I have recently been visiting. The leap is not that I have been experiencing the life of others, in a realm that we don’t often think about. The leap is about sharing it.
And sharing is what these gentle mer-folk have [...]

Dolphins Initiate Healing

I have heard for many years that dolphins can “heal” us. Now I know that they really can. Perhaps they are simply offering energetic information that we can access and follow. However they affect us, healing and balance is the outcome.
I have expressed my feelings about how wondrous and personally integrating face-to-face time with the [...]

Sleep Like a Dolphin, Naturally

Imagine waking up each morning with only a few things to be aware of…
As a dolphin you are aware, through telepathic and feeling ‘sensors’, of the other members of your pod swimming around you. You are aware of the ‘plan’ for the pod that reveals itself as each moment presents itself. You are aware that [...]

Communicating the Dolphin Way

Talking about the Unseen
What is it about the dolphins that we find so irresistible?
They look so beautiful, they glide with such effortless grace, and they demonstrate their freedom simply by living wild in the sea. Dolphins live a life unencumbered by things or by written laws…the choices they make are based on that which is [...]

What the Dolphins Have Taught Me

I have just returned from a glorious two-week initiation with pods of wild dolphins in the Pacific waters of Hawaii’s Big Island. The experience was an initiation into a world so divine that it defies many of the ‘laws’ and standards that we tend to accept as normal in our human world.
Learning from the dolphins [...]

Watching Things Change

The world as we know it is changing in so many ways…
This flux is not new. The flow from one experience to another is part of the timelessness of our existence. That we have changing needs, changing habits and changes in friendship, career and location is all normal.
And yet it feels as if there are [...]

Your Light Returns

As far as the sun knows, it is now giving us, the inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere, a little more light every day. Every day will have a few more minutes of sunlight than the previous one.
I wonder if we notice this.
Do you notice this subtle change each day?
Or do you realize at some point [...]

Breathing for Living Part 2

What is your breath doing?
We have established previously that the breath is not only vital to the survival of our physical being, but that it is also vital to the sustenance and maintenance of our spiritual and emotional bodies.
When the breath is fluid within us, encountering no obstacles or blockages, we can utilize the oxygen, [...]