Hawaiian Island Dolphin Tour

What would it be like to experience life as a swimming dolphin? Follow your instincts and let this dolphin tour assist you to see how you fit into the plan for yourself and for the multiverse.

Itinerary and Pricing 

Open yourself to the multitude of dimensions available as you approach life as a swimming dolphin.
Bask in the sea, the sunshine, the sea shine available for all of your thoughts, all of your cells,  all of your needs.

Let the Dolphins help you address the most important elements of your quest and your burgeoning change as you move up the scale of human possibility and potential.

Who are you really? What do you really want? 

Where is the freedom that you crave so deeply?

   We will discover and know this together !

Learning from the swimming dolphin is not like going to class … it is instead an experience of total immersion in a sea of oneness. The Dolphins swim, glide, turn, spiral and breathe as one. They do almost nothing on their own, as individual entities.


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Included in the price of the Hawaiian Retreat:

Yoga Hub 6 Part Teleclass Series, Dolphins, Evolution and Intuition September 10-26, 2012

will prepare you for being in close contact with the dolphins, by giving you the experience of  using your Intuitive voice to communicate with yourself and with them.  It can also be attended on its own for $79

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Dolphin Retreat Details and Pricing 


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