Dolphins and Us

A message from the Dolphins

The Dolphins

We Love them… even when we haven’t had any direct contact with them, they call to us. We want to be near them, we want to travel to be wherever they are. We want to share the experience of playfulness and Joy which they exude….

I have just returned from a glorious two week initiation with pods of wild dolphins in the Pacific waters of Hawaii’s Big Island. The experience was an initiation into a world so divine, that it defies many of the ‘laws’ and standards that we tend to accept as normal in our human world.

When one steps into the ocean to swim toward a pod of ‘wild’ dolphins, the first sensation upon seeing them swimming below you in the blue, or approaching you on the surface of the water, is a sense of awe. This first glimpse for me, was also accompanied by an instant slowing of my breath. I was at once deeply peaceful. I felt that I was enveloped in the most profound Love that I had ever known.

Sharing time and space with the Dolphins has offered me a complete experience of life lived through Oneness.

I felt an enveloping sense of awe. I believe that the awe was inspired partially by their sheer beauty. Sleek bodies, glistening silver in the underwater sunlight, dancing together, flying under the sea without the restrictions imposed by gravity above the water’s surface.

They move lusciously together, each ones movement mirroring the one adjacent to it. Rising in groups at the same moment to take a series of three breaths before diving again into deeper water.

Learning from the dolphins is not like going to class…it is instead an experience of total immersion in a sea of oneness. The dolphins swim, glide, turn, spiral and breathe as one. They do almost nothing on their own, as individual entities.

They are a ‘being’ , made up by many individual beings. Even when two are physically making love, there are others right beside them, sharing in the simplicity and beauty of it, accepting the joy as a shared pod activity.

I believe that it is the way in which they live that attracts us so deeply. It calls to a part of our essence that wants to share peace, Love and acceptance within our own pods

My perspective is different, the Joy and clarity which flow through my heart and my hands have expanded the field through which I offer counseling and assist with healing …. sharing this with you would be a true pleasure…

Please contact me for a free consultation …. experience the Peace and the Love of the Dolphins personally… right now, wherever you are!

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Dolphin images by Jean Luc Bozzoli 

and Joan Ocean




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