Dolphins and Evolution Through Intuition

                                    ~ Achieving a State of No Fear ~ 

A Yoga Hub Workshop 6 Part Teleclass Series

September 10-26, 2012



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You can learn how to:                              

Activate the dolphin within you
Activate your multi-sensory abilities
Come to clarity about your life’s purpose

We, as beings of this earth, have the ability and capability to feel our lives through multiple sensory receptors. Our expanded sensory perceptions can read things well beyond the five senses that we trust and use daily. And the senses that we do utilize regularly (sight, sound, touch, etc.) can actually reveal many dimensions to us that we don’t usually acknowledge.

Not only have we forgotten how to get multiple levels of information from the senses that we do use, we have also forgotten that there is an unlimited amount of information available through the unseen and intangible senses that we are set up at birth to use.

The primary sense that I reference here is what we know as Intuition.

Intuition is the primary channel for the unseen truths that exist in all elements of our lives.

We are all moving rapidly forward in our own evolution. The next step in this evolution is to learn how to utilize all of our senses! We will be using these senses as we transition from the fearful state of separation and aloneness, so common to many of us, into the loving and caring pod consciousness lived and experienced by dolphins and whales.

I will be sharing the experiences of awareness and inclusion, which I encountered while swimming with the wild pods of spinner dolphins in Hawaii last month.

We will be opening our hearts and minds to the wonder of the Love and peace possible when one lives in what I call Dolphin Consciousness. We will learn how they communicate, and what they communicate, as we take their lead in dissolving personal fears and frustrations.

And most of all, we will open and engage our Intuitive and telepathic abilities, to easily live our lives, and make the choices that we need to make in order to live as engaged and loving earth citizens, now and in continuing times of dramatic change.

 Use what you have learned here, follow it to Hawaii in November to swim with the Dolphins

What Do the Dolphins Mean to Us? 

Watch an Interview “Pod Mentality” on Yoga Hub TV

 Are you interested in participating in the wonder of who you are? Are you ready to make some changes?

Dolphin image by Joan ocean


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