Anatara Recommends

Sandy Bothmer, Creating the Peaceable Classroom
We all need space, peaceable space, in which to live, learn, communicate, love and grow. This is as true for adults as it is for children…. Sandy’s insight is profound. See how it feels to you.

“Sandy offers concrete ideas for creating a peaceful learning environment. What a gift it would be for a child to live and to be taught within an environment of such peaceful attention. What a gift for the world as well—creating space one child at a time” –

Stephanie Rutt, Director of the Tree of Life Yoga Studio,
School for Yoga and Sacred Living and
the Gifts of Grace Foundation

Courtney Milne, Photographer as Mystic
“As I look through the lens of my camera it is a reminder that my daily experience of the world can be enhanced. The thoughts I have, the words I speak, and the actions I take can move me forward, or hold me back. It is the perfect day to practice being more awake and aware.”




3.”We can never separate from what we need for our unfolding. The energy that creates every substance, animate and inanimate, exists in the vibrating matrix that surrounds and flows through us.”

from In Love With the Mystery
by Ann Mortifee

4.Elan Obrien

New Discoveries in Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Essences

To contact Elan for product information, orders and essence education, please write her at: Elan O’Brien, 163 County Road 600, Mentone, AL., 35984. Phone: 256-634-8000 or 303-618-9999 You can also email her at

Vibrational essences are tinctures which are infused with the unique vibrational imprint or “energy signature” of anything in nature. To our bodies, essences act as gifts that remind us of our spirit and cheer us on to our full creative potential. They help us to recognize our wholeness and to reach the core of disease or imbalance, while assisting our bodies to heal any symptoms. If two people experience the same symptoms, they may not test for the same essences because the core cause of their imbalances are different.



5 Colette Ryder





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