Life Awareness Counselling

A life of ease can be accomplished through having a clear awareness of how we let things affect us. There are so many things in a day, which attract our attention and seem to demand a response from us.

Are most of these things really vital to your wellbeing?

Do most of your responses have a direct link to what is really there?
Or are you responding and reacting to how you were seemingly affected by a similar event  in the past?
Can you feel things that pull you off center?
Can you feel things that make you worry, make you unhappy, make you feel unwell or unstable?
Do you notice people or things that you resist?
Are you afraid of something known, or something unknown?

Or, is there a sense of peace in your life….
Would you like to experience peace in all of your endeavours?

Through Life Awareness Counseling, together we can identify the blocks to internal peace, and stimulate the flow of easy living. This flow is most refreshing to a tired soul …

Sometimes one session is all that you will need to view an imbalance in your thoughts, and to redirect your purpose. Sometime a series of sessions will be rewarding.

What you need to feel harmonious and safe is here for you now… Would you like to become aware of it?

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