Intuitive Exploration and Evaluation

Intuitive Evaluation

As an Intuitive, I experience the world as a never ceasing river of information.

There is always a channel within us that is connected to a vaster consciousness, that is connected to the ‘master plan’ for us as individuals, and for all of earth kind. This side of ‘us’ is driven by our intuition. Intuition being the primary channel for the unseen truths that exist in all elements of our lives.
The word Intuition describes to me that incredibly wonderful and helpful 6th sense that flows inside us. It sometimes warns us of danger, sometimes whispers to us about how we may make a harmonious choice, sometimes gives us guidance that we never knew we could access, and frequently surprises us with it’s accuracy and truth.

As human beings we are fraught with doubt about so many elements of our existence. We doubt our abilities, we doubt our choices, we doubt our relationships and this all speaks to a doubt of ourselves.

To me, our intuition is an inner tutor, the direct voice which flows infinitely to our conscious being from all other realms.  This is a very vital and important element of our human makeup. It allows us to step away from our personal platforms and to hear with clarity from a perspective that is bigger than our own. It allows us to act without personal judgment or prejudice.  It makes it easier for us to flow through life rather than to resist it.

Trusting your own intuition is not always easy.

I would be delighted to do it for you…

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